The perfect workout for building endurance, strength and stability. Lose yourself to the music whilst shredding fat and toning muscles. This full body integrational method is the perfect accompaniment to yoga.


Dynamic Yoga

These strong and sweaty flows are set to music and designed to give you a good work out whilst stretching and releasing your body. All teachers are unique so no two classes will be the same. Open to all levels.



Based on technique, alignment and flexibility, Pilates helps strengthen and tone through repetitive, isolated movements. Our mat based classes will improve posture, core development, coordination and balance.


punch and pad

A high tempo boxing inspired fitness class using gloves and pads. Combining partner work and core conditioning, this challenging but fun cardiovascular hit is guaranteed to get your heart racing, build confidence and tone your whole body. Wraps available for $3.


Functional Fitness

Based on creating safe body patterns this is the ultimate full body workout using mostly your own body weight. The technical movements will challenge you physically whilst helping you build a deeper connection with your body.



A full body workout that will enhance muscular strength, cardiovascular health and overall fitness levels. By improving your metabolic rate you won’t be just burning calories in class but for hours afterwards too.


Hiit pilates

A mix of high intensity interval training and the Pilates principles. Work the entire body, getting the heart rate up followed by short recovery periods. These energetic classes will strengthen the muscles, boost your metabolism and improve over all fitness.


Dance cardio

No dance experience necessary, just turn up the music and sweat your inhibitions away with easy to follow choreography, plyometrics and full-body cardio exercises. Dance Cardio builds coordination, balance, agility and confidence.



A fast paced set sequence that will challenge your stamina, stimulate your cardiovascular and respiratory systems whilst strengthening and toning the muscles. You can expect hands on adjustments and curated playlists.



A fun, full body conditioning workout designed to sculpt and tone the muscles using your own body weight, resistance bands and gliders. The challenging mix of squats, lunges and stretches will burn calories, improve range of movement and lengthen muscles.


yin yoga

Yin yoga is a static class which focuses on passive, mostly seated postures that target connective tissues. Poses are held for anything between 2 to 6 minutes, aiming to increase flexibility and joint mobility whilst invoking a meditative state of inner calm.



A low impact conditioning and mobilising class using contemporary counterbalance, functional and bodyweight movements to stretch and release the whole body. You can expect to improve body awareness, mobility, flexibility and strength.